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How to set up the SDI function

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Posted: 02 feb, 2009
by: Urbini A.
Updated: 03 feb, 2009
by: Consumi L.

How to set up the SDI function

Da: Tips & Advice - Archive
In the WWW OPAC your patrons may use a function which is called SDI.
This is an abbreviation for "Selective dissemination of information".
The purpose of this function is sending out information to a patron as
soon as a new item of his interest is available in the library. There
are three Oracle tables ruling the SDI function:

Z325 - SDI Profiles
Z324 - "SDI Ready" messages
Z323 - RSS Feeds for SDI

Note: The following tutorial describes the setup for version 18. Up to
version 16 the SDI function sent a message when a new BIB record was
added to the system. In version 18 the function depends on a new item
record without a process status.

What do you need to do in order to set up SDI?

1. You need to add a line to the table tab_z105 in your ADM library:

! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

In the columns 3 ff add the BIB libraries where your patrons are allowed
to create SDI requests. By this line a Z105 record will be created.

2. ue_11 must be up and running in the Z105 library. Z324 records will
now be created for every Z105 record of message type 8.

3. Your patrons need e-mail addresses in their address records.

4. In the patron profile(s) the checkbox "SDI Permission" must be

5. You should add the job sdi-01 to your job list. Alternatively it is
possible to run sdi-01 from the menu of your circulation client. Run
this service in your ADM library.

6. Edit the forms in the form_lng directory. The form "bor-sdi-00" is
for notifying a patron about new results from his SDI request. The form
"sdi-no-results-00" is for notifying a patron that there are no new
results. There are other SDI related forms that will be discussed in the
end of this tutorial.

What does a patron need to set up an SDI profile?

The form for setting up a new SDI profile can be accessed from the
following sites in the OPAC:

* result list
* previous searches
* list of SDI profiles (by duplicating an existing profile)

You may change the form by editing the file bor-sdi-update in

The form contains the following fields:

* SDI Name (a user-defined name which will appear in the list of SDI
* Print format (the format of the e-mail / RSS feeds to be sent)
* Interval count (defines how often this SDI request should run)
* SDI message (any text)
* SDI request (the search query; this is pasted from the previously
entered query and cannot be modified by the patron)
* SDI sublibrary
* SDI base
* Alternative e-mail (this is an additional e-mail that shall receive
the SDI messages; the messages are always sent to the e-mail address
defined in the patron address record, so the definition of this
additional address is optional)
* E-mail subject (if the patron leaves this field empty, the message
5001 from the file p_sdi_01 in error_lng is used)
* Expiry date
* Suspend SDI from/to
* Encoding
* Delivery mode (defines if the patron wants to receive messages by
e-mail or RSS feeds; you may check "both" in order to test or use both
* No result message (if you check this box, a message will be sent even
if there are no new items; this triggers the dispatch of

After submitting the form a new Z325 record is created. If the patron
selected "RSS" or "both" as the delivery mode, the URL for accessing the
RSS feeds is displayed. The patron may paste this URL into his browser
or RSS client and subscribe to the RSS feeds.

A Z324 record ("SDI ready") is created if the following conditions are

* There is an item record attached to a BIB record.
* The process status of that item is empty (in order to avoid SDI
messages for items that are not yet available on the shelf).
* There are no items with higher enumeration (in order to avoid SDI
messages for old serial issues).

Whenever an sdi-01 is started, the system will check the following:

* Is there a Z324 record matching the search query of this SDI profile?
* Is the Z324-date newer than the previous dispatch of results for this
SDI profile? (z325_last_action_date_time is checked)
* Does the Z324-location correspond to the sublibrary which is defined
in the patron's SDI profile.
* Have at least x days passed since the last SDI message? (x being the
number in interval count - note that online searches from the SDI
profile are counted as if an SDI message would have been sent)
* Is the SDI profile neither expired nor suspended?

The language of the SDI message (i.e. the form which is used, e.g.
form_ger, form_fre...) depends on the language which is defined in the
global patron record. Please note that this did not work properly prior
to rep_change 1572.

In addition to sdi-01 you may define the following services in your job
list or start them from your circulation client:

* sdi-02 (SDI User Notification): This service will notify patrons that
their SDI profiles will expire soon. You may also postpone expiration
dates with this service. Use the forms sdi-expire-00 and sdi-vacation-00
in order to modify the messages that are sent out by this service.
* sdi-03 (Delete expired SDI requests): The service deletes SDI requests
that are expired.
* sdi-04 (SDI User Broadcast): Use this service in order to send out
messages to all your patrons with SDI profiles. The message is composed
of the form sdi-broadcast-00 and a text that you may define in a text
file in $alephe_scratch.

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